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At Texas Dizziness Centers we understand the intrinsic structural connection between the brain, the vestibular system, and the peripheral nervous system (nerves and muscles). We take a holistic approach in the understanding the constellation of conditions that affect these structural body systems, consequently targeting the proper treatment to the underlying causations.

Our goal is to provide personalized, compassionate care that addresses the unique needs of each patient, resulting in improved quality of life and greater overall health and wellness.


About Vestibular Disorders

The vestibular system is made up of areas of the brain and parts of the inner portion of the ear.  These parts of the body assist in processing sensory information that are in control of eye movement and balance within the body itself.  If a person suffers from an injury or disease that affects these areas, a vestibular disorder can occur. Genetics and/or environmental factors can also cause or worsen vestibular disorder, as well as can occur for unknown reasonings.


Symptoms associated to Vestibular Disorders may be frightening and difficult to describe. Common symptoms can include vertigo and dizziness. Learn more.


The most common causes for dizziness are associated to brain injury or inner ear disorders. While most are easily treatable, other could have more serious implications. Learn More.


Vertigo and balance problems associated with Vestibular Disorders are most commonly treated with Vestibular Therapy. Learn more about Treatment options.

About Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular Therapy is a form of specialized therapy intended to reduce the symptoms of vestibular disorders through exercise-based programs. Through these exercises, the intent is to reduce the primary and secondary issues. These therapies are also referred to as Vestibular Rehabilitation (VR) or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT).

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Feeling dizzy, having balance problems related or not to a head injury? Find help now. We have a full team of professionals that could assist you in your journey to feeling your best again.


Head injury is one of the most common causes for dizziness and vertigo.

Vestibular Disorders are the direct result of peripheral and/or central system damage that assist in the regulation and ability to control balance. This disorder leads to symptoms such as: vertigo, dizziness, change of vision, decrease of balance, and proprioception issues.


Medical Expertise

Dr. Erwin A. Cruz is a board certified neurologist who has an extensive and exceptional training in the treatment of all neurological diseases, brain trauma and spinal injuries. He was named 'Best Doctor' by D Magazine and also is a Latino Leader Maestro award recipient.

Dr. Erwin Cruz, M.D.


Constant vertigo? Maybe you suffer from BPPV

Maybe, at some point in your life, you have suffered from brief periods of vertigo which disappeared without treatment. If it happened to you, maybe you suffered from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV. It may be a strange name to you, but you don't have to worry. This condition is treatable and manageable.

Living with Vestibular Disorder

Living with Vestibular Disorders can cause dramatic changes in lifestyle. However, with treatment and some simple adaptations you will be able to carry a normal life and enjoy the things you do.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) Is a specialized form of therapy whose objective is to reduce primary and secondary symptomatology produced by vestibular disorders. It is based on a series of exercises designed to minimize vertigo and dizziness, lack of stability and/or imbalance.

Low Salt Diet For Patients With Vestibular Disorders

Salt is a necessary mineral involved in the equilibrium of electrolytes and fluids, affecting muscles, nerves and finally, the whole body. It is possible to consume too much salt, as well as too little. In relation to patients with vestibular disorders, diminution of sodium is recommended as a well-known dietary modification.

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At Texas Dizziness we take a holistic approach to Vestibular Therapy. Learn how we can improve your quality of life and set you free to do the things you enjoy in life. Request a contact now and we will have one our professionals calling you to schedule an appointment.

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